Wild Orca Euthanization


This is a case study in the misguided human need to interfere and control nature.

Orca strands in Norway. Authorities decide it is in a bad way. Orca is dispatched with two rifle shots.

Why? That is not clear.

What would be the problem with just letting nature take its course, whatever the outcome?

5 thoughts on “Wild Orca Euthanization”

  1. I feel bad if he/she is suffering but they seem quick to “kill” it..maybe they want to eat it?

  2. The excuse is that it would be inhumane to let the orca suffer. The TRUTH is that men seem driven to kill other living beings, perhaps to convince themselves that they can be in control of something, powerful.
    “First, do no harm.”

  3. The claim is that it would be inhumane to let it suffer. The truth is closer to that men try to convince themselves that they are in control of the world around them by killing, by changing their environment. The rest of the planet really needs us to grow up and into our technologies — fast!

  4. I can understand the not wanting to leave an animal to suffer, but if reports are correct, they could not actually detect that anything was in fact “wrong” with this orca, so the question is why did they kill it. They managed at one point to move it out to deeper water, why didn’t they keep that up. Keep driving it out again and again and again … because they grew tired? because its hard work? Too bad Ingrid Visser cannot be cloned and sent around the world, she would never have let this happen and she will be deeply saddened to hear of this. Jut as I am!

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