Film Break (2): The Story Of Keiko

It’s a controversial story, and people read different meanings into it. But I came across this documentary about Keiko here, and it’s worth a look.

One thought on “Film Break (2): The Story Of Keiko”

  1. What a treasure this is. This 1996 Discovery Channel documentary produced by Stan Minasian and Raymond Chavez of Earthview Productions tells Keiko’s amazing story up to his move to Iceland. Along with the many precarious moments along the way, it shows that Roger Payne established that Keiko still spoke his native Icelandic vocabulary, as confirmed by a team from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Not in the doc were the live fish experiments. Keiko easily caught them, and as he learned before he was captured, he shared his fish with his significant others, in this case his trainers.

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