Moment Of Zen: No Orca Trainers Here

A wide evening view to Måbødalen in Eidfjord municipality, Hordaland, Norway, in 2011 August. The view has been captured from the eastern end of the valley. Photograph by Simo Räsänen (User:Ximonic)

From the 2012 Wikimedia Commons Pictures Of The Year.

2 thoughts on “Moment Of Zen: No Orca Trainers Here”

  1. While growing up my parents did not have a lot of money to take us to places but during the summer almost every weekend they took us camping and on road trips. It was always a lot of fun and in the process we had some very unusual and exotic vacations. We also leant to undertake affordable travel, to amass a wealth of experiences when least expecting to. Whether it is camping on the roadside, or staying over in a rundown village motel or living in a dormitory or just driving through cities, villages and towns and sleeping in the car itself – we could laugh and have fun in all situations.

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