Moment Of (Camouflage) Zen

Screech owl. Props.



Moment Of Zen: False Killer Whales

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 1.53.40 PM


Via NatGeo:


Whales on the Move

Photograph by Mazdak Radjainia, Reuters

A pod of false killer whales (Pseudorca crassidens)—a rare species related more to dolphins than true killer whales, or orcas—swim off the coast of New Zealand on April 13.

False killer whales swim in the open ocean and often socialize with bottlenose dolphins. Orcas, however, are not so friendly. They have been seen attacking their false counterparts.

Moment Of Zen: No Orca Trainers Here

A wide evening view to Måbødalen in Eidfjord municipality, Hordaland, Norway, in 2011 August. The view has been captured from the eastern end of the valley. Photograph by Simo Räsänen (User:Ximonic)

From the 2012 Wikimedia Commons Pictures Of The Year.

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