Earthist Music: Shark Fin Blues

How about a shark-revenge fantasy, courtesy of The Drones? Raw, angry, and mournful, with a touch of Lou Reed.

Perfect for a Friday sign-off. So crank it to 11.

Well you are all my brothers, and you have been kind 
But what were you expecting to find? 
Now your eyes turn inwards, countenance turns blank 
And I’m floating away on a barrel of pain 
It looks like nothing but the sea and sky remain 

I sing na na nana nananana na 
Na na nana nananana na 

A harpoon’s shaft is short and wide 
A grappling hook’s is cracked and dry 
I said, why don’t you get down in the sea 
Turn the water red like you want to be? 

Cause if I cry another tear I’ll be turned to dust 
No the sharks won’t get me they don’t feel loss 
Just keep one eye on the horizon man, you best not blink 
They’re coming fin by fin until the whole boat sinks 

Fin by fin 
Fin by fin 
Fin by fin by fin by fin

(Full lyrics here).

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