Keiko 2? Tilikum?

“Well, no one asked me, but who wouldn’t want to retire to Iceland?”

Some curious speculation in the Icelandic media about the possibility of another effort to rehab and release a killer whale in Icelandic waters:

American parties have applied for a license to the Ministry of Fisheries [for] dropping killer whales in the ocean around Iceland in the near future according to data from the ministry. [Whale expert] Gisli Víkingsson says that [during] the summer [he] has been invited to participate in the project but he declined it.

Killer believed to be the case called Tilikum and he has played in their arts sædýragörðum Sealand in British Columbia in Canada and Seaworld in Orlando, USA.

More here, if you can decode the English delivered by Google Translate.

It’s (almost) inconceivable to me that Tilikum will ever be taken back to Icelandic waters, and definitely inconceivable that he could ever be released. But someone, somewhere, clearly thinks someone, somewhere has applied for a permit with the Icelandic Fisheries Ministry to do….something. How’s that for a clear and detailed report? If you know more, please share.

(Hat tip to @ShamuWorld)

10 thoughts on “Keiko 2? Tilikum?”

  1. Is it possible the story has emerged from someone finding this report of a permit discussion back in 1992. SeaWorld being sneaky (really?) trying to get Iceland to confirm it would not be possible to release Tilikum back in Icelandic waters in order that NOAA permit would be granted to keep him for performance in the US. “On April 27, 1992, while the display permit application was still pending, and before any evaluation of viable Canadian facilities had been undertaken, Brad Andrews of Sea World wrote to the Minister of Fisheries in Iceland. In this letter, he asked the Minister to consider whether or not Iceland would be amenable to the release of Tilikum in Icelandic waters”. There are links to the letter from Brad Andrews and to one from Thorsteinn Palsson, then Iceland’s Minister of Fisheries within the article.

  2. I think that is the case from trying it in translator the info seems to relate to the old stuff, just the date that is wrong. Whilst Tilikum was on his way from Sealand they temporary licence said he couldn’t be displayed etc, and if everything failed Seaworld would have to release him to Iceland at the exact place he was caught. Seaworld did contact Iceland and convinced them he would have germs etc so they refused. They also tried to get a blanket ban to stop all orca being released there which would have stopped the likes of Keiko too. They are and always have been selfish, self serving gits.

  3. Surely if he had been asked it would have been on his website ot the others that are linked on here. He hasn’t mentioned it at all but has been doing studies since the 1980’s so I guess it was from the old report. There is however a good page about Morgan being from the Norwegian fish eating pod. That should help in her court case surely.

  4. Could it be that there is an application to retire Tilikum to a sea pen in Iceland? That would be an excellent outcome.

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