An Update On Albino Dolphin “Angel,” From Taiji Whale Museum

The Taiji Whale Museum (TWM) has a blog, and they recently posted a brief update on the albino dolphin they took from the Taiji drive hunt.

Via Taiji Whale Museum

With translation help from Google Translate and my bilingual friend Atsuko Horiguchi, here’s what TWM reports:

–“Angel,” as she has been named by Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project (which also recently posted a report), is still in the side pool.

–She was hesitant about eating when she first arrived from the transport (which was no doubt very stressful), but TWM is managing to hand feed her now.

Via Taiji Whale Museum.

–TWM is currently feeding her 7 kilograms of fish a day, over multiple feedings.

Via Taiji Whale Museum

–Recently, Angel appears to be interacting more with the other dolphin(s).

Via Taiji Whale Museum

–There were no major problems indicated in her blood test, and bit by bit she is swimming a little more actively, which leads the blog author to theorize that she is starting to get used to her “new environment.”

–TWM is still holding its breath regarding Angel, and will continue to keep a close eye on her.

The rest of the world will keep tracking her, too. In the meantime, if you haven’t seen it, over at The Dodo I broke down the revenue generated by the capture and sale of dolphins from the Taiji hunt.

UPDATE: Here’s a video of Angel being hand-fed.

18 thoughts on “An Update On Albino Dolphin “Angel,” From Taiji Whale Museum”

  1. Smiling for she is alive, but not buying their phony lie of kindness statement about the transport,”was no doubt very stressful” YOU THINK YOU IDIOTS?. Who can forget the footage of this sweet baby dolphin swimming next to her frantic mother, then ripped away from her side, and the pictures of her mother spying hopping looking for her baby, but she was already gone, loaded on a crane. Then sadly angels mother committs suicide. I wont forget or ever forgive.TWM,and you the fishermen of Taiji, you are a disgrace of the human race, you have cold cold hearts, and you must end your slaughter of these beautiful, gentle, intelligent, dolphins. You are led by greed of money, you are bad evil humans. Little Angel deserves a sea sanctuary, she will always be in the worlds eyes, we will always be looking for her, and waiting for that spectacular day when she swims again in her sea, free,free,free. I hope and pray she will be rescued, im keeping the faith that this will happen.

    1. muscovyangelsVal, totaly agree with you! We will always remember Angel’s mom and what you have done to this happy free family! You people have no soul. One day you will get U’r payback by hate of U’r grandchildren!

    2. Angel has no other choice for getting her food and Angel is lonely and sad without her mother. Yes, we will not forget what Taiji has done to all the Dolphins. How they murdered and destroyed the lives of the Dolphins. We will not forget the damage the fishermen and the trainers worldwide have done to these beautiful and social Dolphins. You trainers and greedy fishermen and dolphinariums worldwide, You have done wrong! No excuses accepted! The money you have raised with this unfair business will destroy your economy and your business. Because we Judge you worldwide by what you´ve done wrong! The Dolphins do crie out loud, we all can hear them scream! We all see their sad eyes!

  2. she belongs in the ocean u killed all her friends and family , now u want too make money of her god will make u all pay for killing his creation the mighty dolphins

  3. She should never ever had to get use to her Environment… She was happy Safe and Thriving. This is ManKinds disgrace, for forcing her to do what she should never ever should have faced as a Wild Dolphin. Killing her family, and spirit, just showed that Taiji and TWM .. has NO clue what Humanity is.

  4. There must be a way to raise money in exchange for the capture & slaughter of these beautiful animals. There are a lot of rich people out there that could forfeit owning another jet, yacht, or one of their multiple homes, who could instead, pay money to these insane people.

    1. People have offered them an equal amount of money that they get from these Dolphins, but they said no and said their reason for killing the Dolphins is pest control (not captivity only three percent go to aquariums and none to the USA). The Dolphins are supposedly eating too much fish. It isn’t the Dolphins eating to much, but the fishermen overfishing the waters. Make sure to buy sustainable seafood and be wary of any fish coming from Japan.

  5. Evil evil Japan people… It fills me with sadness whenever I read about her not being out in the sea. I am surprised she hasn’t died of stress after the traumatic events. Why can’t they leave her and her family alone? Dolphins should be seen in the wild not killed and put into tiny tanks for entertainment!

    1. poor baby….I will never understand the arrogance of some humans, not only those who killed her family and kidnapped her, but those who will undoubtably pay to see her. Perhaps they don’t understand the price she and other captive animals have paid, perhaps they don’t care….can’t decide which is worse 😦

    2. The Japan’s people are not Evil and it brakes my heart that you would condemn a whole nation for 50 men and women’s actions… Most Japanese have no idea this is going on for there Government keeps it very quiet. Including that the meat of a dolphin is very contaminated.. I hope you rethink your statement for the US is no better.. We have SEA World, Bush Gardens and Aquariums all over our nation’s that.. supporting Taiji .

      1. There are NO dolphins at seaworld, Georiga aquarium, or anywhere else in the US that came from any drive hunt. It has been illegal for decades and always will. Only three percent of he Dolphins in the Taji drive hunt are taken into captivity and almost all go to aquariums in Asia, none to the US. The drive hunts are terrible and should be stopped, but organizations like Seaworld DO NOT support the drive hunts whatsoever. You can believe whatever you want as far as Dolphins in captivity goes, but please keep your facts straight when it comes to Dolphins coming from Taji.

  6. We know what you did to her and her mother and pod. This report is nonsense. You know the world is watching and we won’t stop! She should not be with you in that stupid tank, with your false attempts at justifying what you did. You are just as guilty as the fisherman that slaughtered the pod. It’s only a matter of time, we are watching you very closely, you evil place

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