Noted For The Record:

Trump Administration easing limits on toxic pollutants:

“This action, which is a gift to the coal industry at the expense of all Americans, is an attack on public health justified by a phony cost-benefit analysis that purposely inflates the cost of MATS and ignores the value of the human health benefits,” Ellen Kurlansky, a former air policy analyst at the EPA who helped to develop the MATS rule, told Reuters.

One thought on “Noted For The Record:”


    Experiments on endangered 72 Southern Resident Killer Whales continue year round. Decades of experiments on them have not saved them!

    The SRKWs and others can be saved by combating the known threats, such as lack of food, boat traffic and pollution:

    1. Increasing Education such as the Marine Mammal Regulations and Be Whale Wise.

    2. Increasing DFO Enforcement Officers to combat the vessel noise and harassment from commercial, private and research vessels.

    3. Increasing DFO enforcement of fishing regulations, fishing moratoriums and illegal practises (such as derelict fishing gear that can entrap and injure cetaceans) to help in the recovery of decimated salmon and the broken ocean web of life.

    4. Eliminating ocean pollution with maximum levels of BC wide sewage treatment plant upgrades. Trying to save money with cheaper treatment levels would not clean up the present and future life threatening levels of pollution.

    Will Orcas be Saved or Studied to Death?

    See SOS to Stop Orca Suffering Petition:

    For further Information: Lifeforce:


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