Reality Check: The pandemic shutdown of the global economy…

…could result in a 5% global reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in 2020.  That would be the largest fossil fuel reduction on record. Pretty amazing.

Unfortunately, the annual reduction required to meet the 1.5 degree C Paris Climate Accord target is 7.6%.

That even putting the global economy in a virtual coma is not enough to meet the Paris targets is mindblowing. And makes you realize that instead of waking the old carbon economy from this coma once the pandemic passes, this is the time to awaken a new non-carbon economy. We are already borrowing trillions at near-zero interest to cushion the economic blow to workers. Why not borrow a few trillion more to make the rapid transition away from the carbon economy, giving life to a new economy based on renewable energy?

This is the opportunity for revolutionary change. If it passes, the revolution will never come in time.

If you don’t believe me, believe climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe, who explains it all in crystal clear fashion.

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