Program Note

Over the years I have somewhat randomly dabbled in various social media platforms to share writing and stories. And as my interests evolve, what appears on this blog evolves. Nothing has appeared in a while, mostly because I have been trying to figure out what the &*^ to do next. After much self-reflection I have figured out an ambitious project that will once again reflect my interest in the dysfunctional relationship between Man and Nature. I am starting to develop that idea and will post about it when I have wrestled it under control.

In the meantime, I have also realized now is a good time to be more purposeful and organized about what I post on different platforms. In effect, it makes sense to me to create (trigger warning: digital media-speak imminent) different channels.


This blog will start to feature more about sailing, voyaging, and adventuring (which is something the pandemic has helped me realize is important to sanity–also, in the way of all aging persons I feel a desire to circle back to an earlier life, in this case an earlier life in which being on the water was routine, and a source of great meaning and excitement to me).

I know. That is not something that most of you were here for. I understand. Stick around if you want to follow my efforts to sail and race boats, frequently solo or shorthanded, or embark on other adventures. I’ll do my best to keep it entertaining. But if your real interest is the planet, animal welfare, and how we live in a climate-impacted world, then I invite you over to the free newsletter I am starting on Substack (where all the cool kids are these days; though I am way too late to that party to be cool). I’ll write a couple of times a week, I think, about the sorts of things I used to write about here. Simple, right?

Finally, I’ll continue to use Twitter and my Facebook Page to keep posting links and thoughts about all the sorts of things I have long posted on those two platforms.

Oh, and one more thing. Mostly because I wanted to see what my teens are up to, and also understand how they manage to waste so much time every day, I created an Instagram profile. I didn’t really know what to do with it, but it gave me access to lots of people and organizations that are doing interesting things (so now I can waste time even more effectively). But it does lend itself to pics and videos of the outdoors, so that will kind of become my default social media channel for doing sh*t outdoors or on the water.

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