The Orcas Strike Back?

Just downloaded this intriguing Kindle book, which I found referenced on David Kirby’s Take Part blog post about captive orcas and 2013.

Here’s the description:

Enigmatic billionaire Mitchell Chandler churns out obscene profits at his aquatic theme parks driven by the spectacular killer whale exhibits.

Then the orca at Chandler’s Seattle Park dies. Now the animal rights activists have all the ammo they need to shut him down.

But Chandler has a plan: Blackmail commercial fisherman Zora Flynn into capturing a replacement whale—and use Zora’s mother as bait.

Forced into the orca hunt, Zora encounters a never-before-seen species of killer whale—creatures of mind-bending size, speed, and intelligence.

As awe-struck scientists race to understand the whales’ sudden appearance, Zora and Chandler come face-to-face with each other and the chilling truth: the mighty orcas have simply returned… to exact justice.

Sounds like a revenge fantasy worth reading. I’ll report back after I’ve done just that.

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