500-mile barrier smashed!:Well, she did it. Mari-Cha found favorable wind and took the 24-hour record through the 500 mile mark. At the latest update she had reeled off more than 517 miles in 24-hours, an average speed of more than 21.54 knots. She’s still cooking, though, and could take the record higher. The maxi-schooner is also on track, if the weather predictions hold true, to smash the transatlantic record, maybe even hitting the English Channel as early as Thursday. If she does, it will be an amazing run, taking down two of the big three records in one outing. That will leave the monohull, non-stop round the world record, which currently stands at just over 93 days, which in theory she should be able to break easily (she’d have to average just 9.74 knots). Though the Southern Ocean doesn’t have a lot of respect for theory, Mari Cha IV could have a shot at taking the monohull round the world record under 80 days (required average speed:14-15 knots, depending on route). I already feel like someone needs to build another huge monohull to give Mari-Cha IV another boat to compete against.

Are We There Yet?

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