Southward Ho!: The polar expedition season is upon us and the Pole down under is the target of some ambitious shennanigans. In November, a British woman named Rosie Stancer will set out to walk solo and unsupported–no air drops, no support team, no dogs, just a big old sledge that weighs twice as much as Rosie–from the coast to the South Pole. That’s about 600 miles of wicked cold, howling winds, and treacherous crevasses. Rosie is being sponsored by Snickers so she’ll likely be relying on a lot of chocolate to see her through. If she makes it she will become the first woman to get to the bottom of the world alone and without assistance. You can follow Rosie’s trials here. Rosie will not be entirely alone on the ice, though. She has some competition, in the form of Fiona Thornewill, also British, who has the obscure distinction of being half of the first married couple (along with husband Mike) to reach both poles. It’s getting harder and harder to do something new, isn’t it? No web site that I could find. Finally, Brits Pete Goss and Alan Chambers will try to do what Robert Scott could not in 1911–walk from McMurdo to the Pole and back without freezing to death. Surprisingly, no one has ever completed the route that Scott intended, and Goss and Chambers hope to survive the 1400 mile journey with the judicious application of modern technology–kites to help them pull their sledges, the latest in clothing, a superlight stove. It won’t be an easy trek–across the Ross Ice Shelf and up the 10,000 foot Beardmore Glacier–but imagine how hard it would be to truly recreate Scott’s expedition….with 1911 clothing and technology. You can follow Goss and Chambers here.

Brrrrr..Goss Practices Being Cold

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