Cha, Cha, Cha!: Fresh from minting a new 24-hour record (525 miles), Mari-Cha IV also looks set to smash the current monohull transatlantic record of 8 days, 20 hours. So far she has averaged about 18.4 knots, and if she keeps that speed up (as she looks set to do given the weather forecasts), she’ll waltz across the finish line in the English Channel about mid-day Thursday. That would lop more than two days off the existing record, and set a new mark of just over six and a half days. Wow. It would also put Mari-Cha’s crossing time very close, if not under, the outright transatlantic record of 6 days 13 hours that Jet Services V–a catamaran–set in 1990. Jet Services’ mark survived eleven years and numerous multihull attempts, until it was broken by Steve Fossett in his 125-foot catamaran PlayStation in a time of 4 days and 17 hours. Mari Cha can’t compete against the modern maxi-multihulls like PlayStation (now called “Cheyenne”). But to be in the company of Jet Services and the previous generation of multihulls is unbelievable. Jet Services V went on to become, as Commodore Explorer, the first sailboat to take the Jules Verne Trophy by lapping the planet non-stop in under 80 days. Could Mari-Cha IV get through the 80-day barrier as well? Let’s hope Mari Cha’s owner Bob Miller takes a shot sometime soon…….

Sail repair: “Mother of God, this thing is HUGE!”

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