Mari-Cha-Wanna! As expected, the big schooner smoked across the finish line off the Lizard, at the southwest corner of England, to set an impressive new transatlantic record. Her time to sail 2925 miles of Atlantic Ocean was 6 days 17 hours and 52 minutes. That’s an average speed of 18.2 knots, enough to obliterate Swiss sailor Bernard Stamm’s current record by just over two days. Owner Bob Miller, who previously owned the record with his Mari-Cha III and had it taken from him by Stamm, can rest assured that he’ll hang onto this one for quite a while–at least until some other billionaire decides to build a 140-foot flat-out racing machine and takes it out record hunting. Mari-Cha now heads to the yard for some finish work before sailing off to the Caribbean for the winter. Hopefully, Miller will get the itch to take her around the world sooner rather than later. He believes Mari-Cha IV can top 40 knots (almost 50 mph), but the only place she’ll ever get the chance to do it is in the Southern Ocean, surfing a big, old greybeard with a ton of wind bowling her along. And that’s a sight I’d like to see.

Owner Miller: “Maybe the $10 million this thing is costing

me is worth it….”

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