Maul Story III: Here’s a wild animal on human encounter that is both tragic and ironic. Bear lover, and self-taught bear expert Timothy Treadwell, 46, was killed in Alaska’s Katmai National Park, along with a female companion named Amie Huguenard, 37. Treadwell was the author of “Among Grizzlies: Living with Wild Bears in Alaska,” and founded an organization called Grizzly People, which was devoted to preserving bears and their wilderness habitat (as opposed to locking them up as pets in Harlem or parading them around on a Las Vegas stage). The full story can be found here. It is a cautionary tale as well because Treadwell, despite his expertise, was known for getting extremely close to the wild animals that he loved–close enough to touch them, sing to them, and give them names. Park Service officials, in fact, warned Treadwell that he was setting a dangerous example for other park visitors, as well as endangering himself. Though no one knows the circumstances under which Treadwell and Huguenard were killed, if Treadwell was crossing boundaries with the bears (Grizzly People firmly warns people to stay at least 100 yards away) he was ultimately a danger to the wild–emphasis on wild–animals he was trying to protect: Park rangers killed two brown bears near Treadwell’s camp site as they recovered the bodies…

“Oh Man, I should have stayed with the fish…”

Photo: Grizzly People

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