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Just Loungin’ Around, Underwater…

July 26, 2005

I don’t know why, because it is so pointless and stupid (actually, that’s exactly why). But I love the endless competition to see who can stay underwater the longest. In 1994, a guy named Jerry Hall managed 95 hours (almost 4 days) at the bottom of a lake (TWC report here). Then a Turkish guy logged 121 hours (5 days) in a swimming pool in a mall in Istanbul (Damn, how did I miss that one…?). And now comes one Rich Henry, who on Sunday ducked into the waters of Lake Andrea in Prairie Springs Park, Wisconsin, where he hopes to stay for a full week. His secret strategy? Henry has clamped a recliner to the underwater platform he will be hanging out on. So he’ll be nice and comfy as he watches DVDs and listens to music on his waterproof entertainment toys. Good luck, buddy, you’re going to need it…

Wrinkled Couch Potato: “No worries. I’ve got the last 5 Jerry Lewis Telethons on disk…”

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