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Shark Story, Part 12…

July 27, 2005

Okay, I’ve already gotten a Friday picture post, and then a caption contest out of this picture:

But now comes TWC reader Brian McCarter with the following tale. So what the hell, here we go again. From Brian:

I sail beachcats around Buzzards Bay, Rhode Island and Vineyard Sounds. With the big Vineyard shark derby making national news last week, there was some talk in the beach parking lot Saturday, about the giants all being far off shore. I reminded them of the shark in your picture. The scary thing is that last August I’d been out on Fleet 448’s annual Island Hop, when my skipper decides he wants to go ashore to take a leak. As we headed into the beach at Quick’s Hole a young man ran down to wave us off. We were head to wind in about three feet of water. Skipper muttering that he was going to go in anyway… The guy gets close enough for us to hear him, and says the Piping Plovers are nesting for a second time, and we cannot come ashore! So I jump in to hold the boat whilst Skipper and bird guard argue. Skipper says “Ah Hell!” and jumps in so he can have the privacy of the water to do his buisness. Then a guy yells from a nearby powerboat “Get out of the water! There’s a big shark over here and she’s feeding!” We didn’t see the shark, but we got aboard pretty quick. It was just a day or two later that the Great White was found just aound the corner from where we were! Glad I still had my wet ass!

His wet ass, his arms and all the rest of him. Good thing the shark was happily downing Piping Plovers…

Close Call McCarter: “I don’t think I’ll ever pee again…”

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