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Annals Of Insignificance…

July 27, 2005

You’ve earned millions winning America’s Cup races, but now you are out of the spotlight, on the sidelines, cast out of the fraternity. What do you do? Start a website, of course. So, if you happen to care what Russell Coutts thinks and does, this is the site for you. Here’s a sample of what’s going on in RussellWorld:

Lately, I have been really enjoying getting involved in more high performance boats such as the TP52 class where there are a lot of exciting developments, particularly relating to the sails. I have also been racing Décision 35 catamarans on Lake Geneva and have learnt a lot about multi hull sailing. I must admit that multi hull racing is becoming a new passion for me – I am discovering what I missed out on by not competing in these types of boats before now.

I’m finding that speed sailing is just as tactical (although in a different way) and as demanding as displacement sailing.

Could it be any more canned? C’mon Russell, loosen up, let ‘er rip, and give us something we really want to read (maybe you should call your buddy Paul Cayard for some tips on how to write for a mass audience). So give us your take on Larry Ellison or some of the other AC heavy hitters your lawyers will let you talk about, what your relationship with Brad Butterworth is like these days, and how you handicap the AC teams. Please…

“This just doesn’t feel right anymore. Maybe I should take up blogging…”

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