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Shark Story, Part 13: Quien as mas (un)macho…

July 27, 2005

Looks like the big Vineyard shark derby, which prompted the fish tale below, has snagged some massive fish. Shark derbies are stupid, and oh-so-Jaws-1970s. There’s something that’s simply pathetic about needing to slaughter sharks to feel good about yourself, to feel that your life is not a lame, endless hamster wheel with no real meaning or excitement. And this 1100 tiger shark paid the price (the team that caught it didn’t even win because they got to the dock six minutes late; talk about pointless…). It’s hard not to feel ashamed for homo sapiens and sorry for the fish. I just wish the fish world would stage more shark fishermen derbies…

“Yes, yes. You boys are real he-men. Now, can you end this charade and put me back in the water? I’ve got a date with some surfers…”
(Photos: Paul Cataldo)

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