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Department Of Death-Defying Determination…

September 13, 2005

It’s hard to believe this isn’t a con, a case for Snopes.Com, because this guy is simply unbelievable. His name is Brad Zdanivsky and in his late teens he suffered a car accident that paralyzed him. Not just a limb or two, but most of him. Zdanivsky is a quadraplegic. But apparently he’s not the kind of guy who will let a little paralysis slow him down. Zdanivsky was a rock climber before his accident, and he became a quadraplegic rock climber (a seeming contradiction if there ever was one) after his accident. With the help of a close group of friends he designed a wheeled climbing contraption and started to inch himself up faces. And this summer he knocked off the Stawamus Chief in Squamish, British Columbia. That’s, umm, almost 2000 feet of unforgiving, unrelenting rock. You can read all about Brad and his adventures here. And check out his photo gallery here. Even better, watch a cool Quicktime slideshow (with decent background music) here. This guy is a lock for the Wetass Hall Of Fame. Pretty incredible…

“Heh-heh. Sure it loooks crazy. But it’s not like I’m risking paralysis…”

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