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Ducking! Oh Sh***t! CRUUUNCH….

September 13, 2005

Every try to squeeze across a starboard tacker in a rising wind, only to bail and attempt the massive duck? Well, next time go for the crash tack instead. Because here’s what can happen when the duck, err, doesn’t quite come off. These pictures were taken by Steve Arkley at the 1720 European Championships on Lake Garda last week (and were given full treatment on the well-worth-the-subscription Daily Sail). Here’s the story:

The crash occurred on second race on Thursday as the predicted southerly Ora wind came in and took the wind speed up to the 20 knot range from more benign conditions at the start of racing.

Go Ferret was on starboard tack on the second upwind leg when she was hit just forward of the chainplates by Incognito. The two boats were locked together for some time and remained afloat while the sails on both were taken down, the relatively smooth water saving the masts from hitting.

Ribs from the host club, Fraglia Della Vela Riva were on the scene quickly and Go Ferret and Incognito were pulled apart with a line to one of the Ribs. Go Ferret, holed on the starboard side was able to reach shore without too much difficulty, but things turned much worse for Incognito, with damage to both sides of the bow, she quickly started taking on water.

Despite all appearances (see below) both boats were salvaged…

“Sorry, Dude…”

“I told you not to pull the boats apart…”

“Glub. glub, glub…”

“Hey Skip, it’s getting really hard to see the weather mark from our rail…”

“You should see the other guy…”

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