Video Of The Century (Reprise)…

It’s come to my attention that certain techno-Sad Sacks, Mac devotees and basic unlucky-in-life Wetasses haven’t been able to access my declared Video Of The Century (see original post here). If you are one of them, then you have been victimized by my desire to save bandwidth and use the original video link, which took you to someone else’s server (heh-heh), instead of uploading the video (which is 36 megs) to my own server. Well, if you haven’t been able to access the video through the original link I provided, then try this one, which will take you to my server. Do me a favor, though. If you can use the orginal link please continue to do so. If too many people view the video through my server it could crash the site, and then where would we all be? Good luck, and happy viewing…

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