Have I been seduced by the glitzy, big money, sailing programs? According to an anonymous reader I am getting away from my Wetass roots. Here’s what he/she had to say:

Ya know, I’m beginning to yawn at all these “program” boats and the ‘excitement’ they supposedly generate. Give me the guy or gal (and you do on occasion) who have to sail the world on a $40K beater and I’m there. When you’ve got a zillion bucks and a shore crew, and a rolex gang to cheer you on, well, where’s the real excitement? I’m all for tech boats setting the pace, but for us lone wolfs out here, hope you don’t forget the rest of the story.

Fair enough. As my penance I offer the story of one Donna Lange, a forty-something mother and musician, who earlier this month set out from Rhode Island with the intention is sailing solo around the world. Her ride: a 28-foot Southern Cross. It’s name? “Inspired Insanity.” First (intended) stop? New Zealand.

Donna is clearly an unusual character (example: two of her sons are named “Ptarmigan” (get beat up much?) and “Keel” (nust have been drunk). You can read all about her here, and keep up with her updates here.

Donna appears more experienced than the most infamous recent solo seniorita, one Roslin Forrest. But she has potential. Right now she seems to be doing a slow circle in the North Atlantic (time to jump in, Anarchists…). Stay tuned…

“Goddam autopilot! I said New Zealand, not Ireland…”

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