ABN Amro One Arrives First…

Mike Sanderson and his boys just cruised into Cape Town to take leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race. No big surprise, since they’ve been spanking the fleet for days, but still notable. Read the report here. I’d post a great picture of the arrival, you know of a sleek VO 70 ripping through the seas under the shadow of Table Mountain. Except, err, there isn’t one (or at least one that I can find). Volvo has ’em, because they’ve got some small shots on the site. But just try to get one of a decent size. Talk about a lame website. Due in next: ABN Amro 2. And limping in by container ship, air freight, and sea (with a crippled keel), a lot of Farr boats. Err, Bruce? Time to recalibrate your engineering software….

ABN Approaches: “Good thing we’re about to arrive. Because this fu*ker seems to be sinking…”

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