Mavericks: Mano A Mano…

Every year there is a special gathering of surfers at California’s Half Moon Bay. They are there, on just 24 hours notice, to surf the notorious Maverick’s Surf Contest. Why the 24 hour notice? Because event organizers wait until the conditions are perfect-which is to say ridiculously hairy–before putting out the call to the world’s best big wave surfers. Contest 2006 is now open, and waiting for the killer waves. While you wait, too, dip into the target=”_blank”video page to see why this little surf get together is one of the most intense on the planet…

“Uhh, Dude? How about paddling out over there. As in way over there…”(Photo: Steve Waterhouse)

“Our Father, Who art in heaven…”
(Photo: James Turley)

“Hmmm. Think I’ll head this way…”
(Photo: Steve Waterhouse)

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