Extreme Squared…

Here at TWC we love caves, and we love BASE jumping. So you can’t go wrong when some idiots, I mean innovators, combine BASE jumping with caves. Watch it right here, and be amazed. Be very amazed. I know I’ve told you all you need to know to hit that mouse, but in case you want to know where you too can go to jump into a cave, here’s the video rundown:

CAVE BASE JUMP: “Cave of the Swallows” Located deep in a Mexican rain forest, nestled high atop a majestic mountain slope, sleeps the eighth wonder of the world, Sótano de las Golandrinas, (Cave of the Swallows), which is a 1,400 foot subterranean cave. Come along on a true adventure that takes you on a journey with world-class BASE jumpers as they investigate this enormous cave. Their ultimate goal is to jump from the cave’s small 160 foot opening and freefall several seconds before opening their parachutes and landing safely on the cave floor. Amazing video captures jumpers from every possible position including belly cams and head cams. Hours of supporting material includes interviews and sound bites.

This sport has definite promise…

“Hope I don’t hit a f*cking bat…”

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