Annals Of Absurdity…

The web crawlers at Snopes also came up with these pics of excess in the desert defined: an indoor ski hill built on the sands of Dubai. You never thought you’d hear the words “Ski Dubai,” but life is surprising. Still, there’s got to be something better they could be spending all our SUV gas money on…

“Hey, Boss. The CIA is on the phone and they seem to think we’re building a uranium centrifuge…”

“Tell that idiot Bush that we’re building a ski mountain, and that if he doesn’t believe us we really WILL build a uranium centrifuge…”

“Heh-heh. Flying this polar bear in also cost an obscene number of petrodollars…”

“Sigh. We can build it but we can’t make them wear skis…”

“Now that’s the alpine look we were after. And it only cost twice what it would take to move our entire population to Switzerland…”

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