Wetass Weekly Marketing Initiative #1

Okay, so I’ve created this fun (at least it’s fun for me) newsletter, called Wetass Weekly. It’s an e-mail that subscribers receive once a week, filled with links to the best stories and videos about adventure and the outdoors. And it costs just $1.99 a month, less than a cup of half-decent coffee.

I set a low price because I wanted the charge to subscribers to be negligible, and I also wanted to be sure subscribers feel like it is a good deal (I figure if every subscriber sees one or two items every week that inspires or impresses them, then that is worth the 50 cents they just put in my pocket). But that means I need to scare up subscribers, and that means I confront a classic writers problem. I have content (lots of it, and good stuff, too), but what I really need is marketing.

Plenty of writers are good at marketing themselves. Me, not so much. But part of the fun of starting anything new is the challenge of learning new things. So I am trying to get creative about marketing. And I figured I might as well clear out my closet as I go. So I have launched the first in a series of marketing giveaways. And this week’s Wetass Weekly incentive is a rare, and very red, Audi MedCup cap (snagged at last year’s MedCup Marseilles event).

The MedCup is the Formula 1 of professional sailboat racing. Here’s what the Audi MedCup TP52 action looks like:

And here it is in moving pictures:

And if you are the 15th person to subscribe to Wetass Weekly using this link, then I will send you the above hat. And maybe when you wear it sailors will think that you are either a) such an amazing sailor that you are a MedCup regular; b) so successful that you run a $2 million a year MedCup team; or 3) you won it in an off-the-wall marketing campaign started by some blogger.

Whatever, it is a nice hat. So go for it. Subscribe. You might win. Even if you don’t, you will get a weekly guide to some of the best content online. For just pennies. As Charlie Sheen would say, that’s “Winning!”

2 thoughts on “Wetass Weekly Marketing Initiative #1”

  1. Hi,

    I subscribed a week or two ago (mmm, I guess that disqualifies me from a chance at winning the cap!) and so far I love the newsletter. I highly recommend it to people interested in the outdoors.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks, Stephane. And thanks for recommending the newsletter. Regarding the cap: not to worry, there are more like it and my next marketing gimmick, I mean strategy, is to offer a Mount Gay regatta cap for Twitter mentions. So you’ll have plenty of opportunities for sailing gear in the future!

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