Program Announcement: Moving On Over To Tumblr

I can never quite decide whether this blog should be on WordPress or Tumblr.

So as an experiment I’m, also giving  Tumblr a shot (have to say, it’s SO easy to post, which means more posts go up; plus you can embed almost any video).

If you prefer WordPress, no worries, I’ll keep posting new content here and you will find it below this Program Announcement. But if you’d like to try out a different reader experience, check me out at You can also follow via RSS Feed, if that’s your thing (that’s the way I roll with the blogs I follow; I loves me some Google Reader).

As part of this social media makeover, I have also started a Tim Zimmermann, Writer Facebook page, so I can rant all I want without alienating (or boring) close friends and family. Check it out, and “Like” it if you like.

The Tumblr site is a bit of a work in progress, but it will get better each and every week. And it should have comments soon.

So hope you will like the new sites, and is you do please follow ’em, tweet ’em, like ’em, and help me spread the word.

I’ve got some big plans that I need you to be part of. So stay tuned. I hope it will be a fun ride.

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