9/17/2012 Tumblr Rumbler

Over on Tumblr today, we got into:

–Interspcies amour, featuring a lonely dolphin and a reluctant scuba diver. There’s quite a video.

–the Arctic Ocean’s effort to defend itself against the initiation of oil drilling by Shell.

–and a trainer mutiny at Marineland Ontario, over the terrible treatment of the animals.

Let me know what you think of the Tumblr site, and whether you find it easy to read and use.

And if you are a Facebooker, please like Tim Zimmermann, Writer. I’m experimenting with using that as a place to share ideas, information, and debate.

9/13/2012 Tumbler Rumbler

Over on the Tumbler site today, we got into:

The 2012 British Wildlife Photography Awards, featuring an incredible photo titled “Gannet Jacuzzi.”

Linked to an interesting study which showed how human fishing prevalence affects dolphin societies.

Applauded scientists who are arguing that we should care about “useless” endangered species, too.

Posted an excellent FAQ and Talking Points memo about the Georgia Aquarium’s proposal to import 18 wild Russian belugas.

And noted a Filipino effort to ban school trips to marine parks because they teach children that captivity is natural.

More tomorrow…

Program Announcement: Moving On Over To Tumblr

I can never quite decide whether this blog should be on WordPress or Tumblr.

So as an experiment I’m, also givingĀ  Tumblr a shot (have to say, it’s SO easy to post, which means more posts go up; plus you can embed almost any video).

If you prefer WordPress, no worries, I’ll keep posting new content here and you will find it below this Program Announcement. But if you’d like to try out a different reader experience, check me out at http://timzimmermann.tumblr.com/. You can also follow via RSS Feed, if that’s your thing (that’s the way I roll with the blogs I follow; I loves me some Google Reader).

As part of this social media makeover, I have also started a Tim Zimmermann, Writer Facebook page, so I can rant all I want without alienating (or boring) close friends and family. Check it out, and “Like” it if you like.

The Tumblr site is a bit of a work in progress, but it will get better each and every week. And it should have comments soon.

So hope you will like the new sites, and is you do please follow ’em, tweet ’em, like ’em, and help me spread the word.

I’ve got some big plans that I need you to be part of. So stay tuned. I hope it will be a fun ride.

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