Program Update: Facebook Page Action

In the ever-shifting world of social media platforms I realize that I am increasingly posting and sharing links, news, and short commentary on my Facebook page instead of here. ┬áIt’s quicker, easier, and more “social.” Thinking it through, I realize that makes sense.

So in terms of daily content and energy, the Facebook page will be where the action is, and if you are interested in daily news, links, and updates, I urge you to “like” my Facebook page and follow via your Facebook news feed. Or, if you prefer to follow via an RSS reader, just click on this RSS link. Or copy this URL into your favorite RSS Reader:

If you are not on Facebook, apologies (and I’d urge you to try it–it is incredibly useful and will connect you with many worlds).

I will still post here on WordPress, but I will use WordPress for longer, reported, posts and analysis.

As always, thanks and stay tuned…

9/17/2012 Tumblr Rumbler

Over on Tumblr today, we got into:

–Interspcies amour, featuring a lonely dolphin and a reluctant scuba diver. There’s quite a video.

–the Arctic Ocean’s effort to defend itself against the initiation of oil drilling by Shell.

–and a trainer mutiny at Marineland Ontario, over the terrible treatment of the animals.

Let me know what you think of the Tumblr site, and whether you find it easy to read and use.

And if you are a Facebooker, please like Tim Zimmermann, Writer. I’m experimenting with using that as a place to share ideas, information, and debate.

The (Old) Wetass Chronicles Lives Here Now

Somehow, amazingly, I just managed to import the entire Wetass Chronicles archive over onto this site. The importer didn’t crash. I didn’t have to call a help desk. And now everything is in one place. I’ll do the occasional Wetass type post here, along with lots of other stuff about the oceans and whatever the hell else happens to interest me on any given day. And hopefully that will not bore anyone to death.

"Hey, it's not so bad here!"

All twittering will be done on the Wetass Twitter feed. And the Tim Zimmermann Twitter feed will go away. I know, I know, that doesn’t seem to make any sense. But the choice was to keep a Twitter feed with almost 700 followers or a Twitter feed that has only 100 followers. What would you have done?

So, with all that housekeeping taken care of, I think I’ll go have a beer.

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