A Cow Going To Slaughter

There’s no blood, no gore. Just a cow coming to grips with its fate, as an industrial process it can’t even begin to comprehend nudges it forward. But it does comprehend the one key fact about that process: something terrible is about to happen.

That foreknowledge, and the reaction, is at the heart of humanity’s consumption of meat. It is repeated millions of times every year (and often in much more stressful, gruesome circumstances). It is worth keeping in mind when anyone starts talking about “humane slaughter,” because this moment is part of every slaughter. And it is very hard to watch or justify. (via)

6 thoughts on “A Cow Going To Slaughter”

  1. It is shattering, tragic, humbling, devastating! I know why I have not eaten meat for 30 years but only eat poultry and fish! If I had to see this in a poultry farm or fishing practices would just not consume any of it! How sad so many do not recognize the emotion, trauma, understanding, compassion, love that animals have to share and endure! We should be humbled by what they scarifice for human consumption. I do not believe people think actually what takes place at slaughter facilities! All I can say is I am so sorry! Believe it or not cows are social animals, have a defined pecking order in the paddocks, nurture their young with love and care and understand so much!

    1. Michele: Do you have to SEE it in poultry farming or in fishing practices to react? Isn’t it enough to know or believe? I ask not to confront but because I am trying to understand better how people make choices and what prompts those choices (for a project I am working on)…

    2. MIchele, It does happen with chicken and fish. If you look on Facebook for some animal rights groups, you willl soon find all sorts of video that you could never imagine.
      We are conditioned to believe chicken & fish don’t suffer, but as you say, when you see it with your own eyes, you can’t deny the suffering.
      Chickens are smart enough to play video games, fish live in social goups and solve complex problems. Pigs have the cognitive capacity of a 3 year old human child. They all love, they all suffer and they all have the right to live. ❤

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    This is horrific… and to think that much of the meat I eat comes from these sources… I feel guilty for eating meat, but I love the stuff… This clip is very eye opening. I feel sorry for the poor cow… animals do have feelings.

  3. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly why I became a vegetarian, the slaughter AND factory farming……

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