Comment Of The Day: Memories Of SeaWorld’s Sea Lion & Otter Stadium

In response to this post, K wrote:

Interesting that all of this simply shifts the focus from the issue at hand. I worked at the Seal and Otter stadium for several years with Dean. We watched as Shamu stadium would receive a set overhaul to the tune of 1 million dollars, but walruses swam in pools exposed to the public, and required surgery to remove paint chips and pacifiers from their stomachs. TOne walrus, Buk-Buk, had at least two surgeries, and sat in a “sunporch” -a 20 x 20 covered cement room for months while she healed from the surgery. Watching her sit, and suck her flipper for days on end was heartbreaking. Anyone seeing this knows this is wrong, period. Repainting and covering the exhibit with a screen could have prevented this. It couldn’t have cost more than $50,000. Unfortunatley Seaworld’s priority was making money! I returned to Seaworld approximately ten years later, a saw Garfield, alone in a dark pool with bars and no socialization. It reminded me of something from a Hannibal Lecter movie. Obviously Garfield is dangerous, he’s a bull male walrus! Looking at this beautiful guy that I had worked many years before, broke my heart. Any trainer, animal lover, whatever, knows that this was wrong!

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