GoPro Hero Series: Orca Rescue

Starring our pal Dr. Ingrid Visser. Some amazing and inspired footage once you get through the classroom stuff at the beginning (disclosure: I fast-forwarded; sorry, Ingrid!).

Here’s GoPro’s summary:

The sixth and final of the HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K series.

Dr. Ingrid Visser dedicates her life and her research to help the most intelligent predator on earth – Orca. She swims with wild orca and advocates for modern solutions to release orcas from captivity.

Shot on location in New Zealand, this short film documents Ingrid’s life mission to preserve wild orca through education & leading rescue missions to save orca from shallow waters & fishing line entanglements.

Includes never-before-seen footage of a GoPro mounted to the dorsal fin of a wild orca plus various archival footage and pictures from the Orca Research Trust.

2 thoughts on “GoPro Hero Series: Orca Rescue”

  1. Aren’t those rake marks on some of the orcas in the video? I thought whales didn’t rake each other in the wild? Was that a bent dorsal fin I saw? I thought that didn’t happen either Yeah it’s straight but bent on top. Huh? How’d that go pro get attached to the fin? Did they chase down the whale at high speed (aka harassing the whale) and slap it on with a suction cup? Did she ask the whale permission first or force it to wear it? I guess SeaWorld isn’t the only place that “forces” animals to do things (insert sarcasm here). Must be nice to not have laws that protect animals in the ocean like the US does. Mr. Zimmermann do you have anything to say or perhaps Dr. Visser can answer for you?

    1. Clearly not…the harassment comment reminds me of the excellent book “Killing Keiko”.

      I have become so disillusioned with the entire anti-captivity debacle. It’s time to fight back.

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